Protect Yourself After a Car Accident: Do These Four Things

December 4, 2021
By Jesse Armstrong
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Studies indicate that, on average, American drivers will experience a car accident approximately every 18 years. In essence, that means that most people will deal with a collision at some point, whether it’s now or in the future. This circumstance isn’t by any means easy to handle, and it may feel very overwhelming at first. Along with realizing that you are okay, there are some things you should do to protect yourself now and in the future. Be sure to complete the following four things.

1. Remain Calm and Quiet

Be careful not to get angry or share details of the event with others at the scene. It is best to simply remain in your zone, away from the other driver. Review what happened, and call the cops. The professionals will exchange driver information for you so that you do not have to interfere with the other vehicle’s passengers.

2. Snap Photographs of the Scene

Use your cell phone to take photographic evidence of the car accident. You should take images of your vehicle and the other person’s. In addition, look around. Collect pictures of street signs, intersections, oncoming traffic and any obstacles in the way. You may also gather photos of the other car or cars. These may prove helpful when you file for an insurance claim.

3. Speak with Police Only

Sometimes the other driver may request to keep this out of official hands. It’s imperative that you work with the officers to write up a traffic report, even for a minor car accident. That document verifies the police’s viewpoint of the law and who is at fault. In addition, it could be used by a Tampa Car Accident Attorney to seek further medical damages if you find yourself out of work or seriously injured.

4. Call Your Insurance Agent

You should reach out to your agent, whether you are at fault or not, to make the person aware of the situation. Send over a copy of the police report and your images. The agent should work with the other insurer to rectify the claim and work on getting funds to repair your car.

A road is an uncertain place where people’s mistakes could impact you significantly. If you are involved in a traffic accident, remember to call the police, gather a report, and take pictures of the scene. Then, phone your agent to seek help. These steps may make the process more efficient and more manageable.