4 Things To Ask When Looking for an Assisted Living Facility To Call Home

December 7, 2021
By Jesse Armstrong
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There may come a time in your life where you need a little more care than before. For some people, that may mean having an in-home aide or hiring someone to complete common household chores. For others, it may require moving to an assisted living facility. If you have decided to make that move, be sure to ask these four questions when you tour potential locations.

1. What Is the Cost?

This is a big one, and you should ask it up front before you schedule an in-person visit. This will help you know whether or not you can afford the assisted living southeast Denver community so you don’t fall in love with a place that is out of reach.

2. What Services Are Included?

Knowing what services are included in your monthly fee will help you compare apples to apples. What seems like a very low rate may actually be more expensive than others if you have to pay for routine services separately. A few things you will likely need include:

  • Meals — be sure to ask which ones and about special dietary concerns
  • Housekeeping services
  • Utilities, such as cable, electric, phone and gas
  • Recreational activities or beauty services

3. How Is Healthcare Handled?

Facilities use different models of care, and you want to choose one that is compatible with your needs and preferences. The right mix of care providers can help residents remain healthy and reduce the need for hospitalizations. 

4. Is Transportation Available?

Some assisted living communities offer transportation services. This could be important if you no longer drive and do not have friends or family nearby to rely on. If senior transportation is available, find out if it is included in your fees or if there is an additional charge. Also ask about the mode of transportation, such as if it is a private car or bus.

Finding out about the basics of care models, services and costs can narrow your selection so you find the right assisted living facility for your needs and budget.