Is Your Tree Dying? Look for These 4 Signs

April 28, 2022
By Jesse Armstrong
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Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a tree is dead or simply lacking life from cold weather. However, you can use specific visual cues to tell the difference. The following four signs often indicate a sick tree.

1. The Bark Is Loose

Trees aren’t much different. Their barks are their skin, and any outward signs of weakness are likely a trouble signal. Therefore, if you observe bark peeling or falling off, it’s probably a symptom of illness or distress. When your skin is dry and flaky, you probably need water and nutrients.

2. It Easily Breaks Into Pieces

Healthy trees are hardy. Their limbs remain steady and robust. However, a sick tree becomes fragile, breaking off pretty quickly. You have to work hard to snap off a good piece of a limb. Look on the ground. Do you see a lot of twigs? If so, consider working with a company with expertise in tree removal Salem CT.

3. You See a Lot of Bugs

Do you notice tons of creepy crawlies surrounding the tree? Sometimes bugs like to munch on the wood. Termites and ants, for instance, can feast on even a healthy tree. However, too much of that could weaken the structure, potentially causing it to fall or die. Experts can assess the concern and recommend appropriate action.

4. Mold Is Present

Fungus like to devour organic material. It sets into plants and trees when they become wet. Once the feast starts, it’s hard to stop. The mold spores are likely to present as rot or have a fuzzy and unusual color. It’s essential to contact services right away to try and save it.

If you think your tree isn’t well, contact specialists. Let them know which signs you’ve noticed and ask for an evaluation. Find out if you can improve the tree’s health or if it’s necessary to remove it to protect the rest of your yard.