Handgun Accessories

December 4, 2021
By Jesse Armstrong
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After you have purchased your handgun, you may want to customize it to fit your style and needs. Every gun is different and will have its pros and cons. Once you have used your gun, there are accessories you can put on it to change the way it will shoot and feel. Here are three ways you can upgrade your handgun.


A laser offers you an easy way to lock onto a target without using your sights. When using a gun for home defense, it can be used as an intimidation tactic when dealing with an intruder. For someone who is conceal carrying, it can offer peace of mind being able to quickly acquire the target in intense situations. A laser can be one of many great Glock 43 upgrades because of the size of the gun.


When shooting a gun, the way the trigger feels is important. Pulling or yanking on it can cause inaccuracy. Having an aftermarket trigger is better for precision and accuracy. The pressure needed to squeeze the trigger can usually be adjusted to the way the owner likes. If you want pinpoint accuracy, a new trigger might be what you need.


There are two main options you can choose from when getting a new sight. You can look into a red dot, which may make it quicker to acquire your target. Many use battery-operated ones, making maintenance on the sight very important. Another option is using fiber optic sights. They can offer better clarity in low light conditions because of their glow. Depending on what you are using your gun for, either choice can be a significant step up from traditional iron sights.

When looking to add specialized components to your firearms, there are many to choose from. Take time to think about what you need most before deciding what to make your gun the way you want it to be.