Factors That Can Prevent You from Getting a Green Card

January 25, 2022
By Jesse Armstrong
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Any foreigner who wants to become a permanent resident in the US needs to apply for a green card. However, the process is not easy, and not everyone who applies for a green card gets it. There are several factors that can prevent you from getting a green card. That is why you need to work with an immigration attorney who can help you apply. The process can be draining, but having someone walk you through it makes it manageable. So, before you apply for a green card, get to know some of the reasons you might be denied one.

Errors in Your Application

There is a lot of paperwork involved when applying for a green card. It can all be overwhelming, and one can easily make mistakes. At times it can be failing to follow instructions, not submitting the correct fees, or not answering some questions. The immigration authorities may send back the documents to the applicant to rectify the mistakes, which leads to delays. In other cases, if you fail to return the papers within the specified time, you may be denied a green card. Inconsistencies in your forms can also cause you to be denied a green card as it shows you are lying or hiding something.

Convicted For Crime

If you have been convicted for particular crimes, your application can be denied. This includes fraud, multiple crimes, crimes involving moral turpitude, money laundering, prostitution, drug trafficking, commercialized vice, and violating religious freedoms. During the application process, some of the questions you will be asked are crime-related, of which you have to answer truthfully. If you answer yes to any of the questions without further explanation, showing you are not inadmissible can cause you to be denied a green card.

Violating Immigration Rules

It is not uncommon to hear people have entered the United States illegally. Some people sneak in as stowaways or through misrepresentation. However, you need to know that skipping the legal migration process is a crime. If you are found that you entered the country illegally and are trying to get a green card, you could easily be denied.

Health Issues

Before one is lawfully admitted as a permanent US resident, they will have to present a medical exam report. This medical examination has to be done by a doctor approved by the government. If the report shows you have a communicable disease and could present a danger to the public, your application will be denied. In addition, you also need to provide documentation showing you have received all your vaccinations. Refusal or not being able to produce them is also a cause for denial. Drug addicts or abusers and anyone that is mentally unwell and a threat to others can lead to denial as well.

Failure to Meet the Requirements

During the application process, you will have to submit various documents, pay some fees and fill out some documents. If you do not provide whatever is requested, your application can be denied. Usually, the government will give you the chance to provide the missing material. If you do not, your application is denied. Working with a San Jose green card attorney makes this so much easier. As they have helped other people with the process, they will ensure you comply with all the requirements.

Failure to Attend Appointments

Once you have submitted your forms for a green card, you will have an appointment with the USCIS so that they take your fingerprints. If you do not show up or reschedule for good reason, you could be denied a green card.

There is no point in going through the immigration process alone. You will get frustrated and may make mistakes. Work with an attorney that will walk you through the process, ensuring you know the requirements.