Can CBD Really Help You Sleep?

February 9, 2022
By Jesse Armstrong
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CBD products are on the rise, boasting to help every ailment, so it is no surprise now that CBD is helping to improve your sleep is added to its list. Can CBD really help you sleep, though?

Sleep Study Research

While research is ongoing, small bands of scientists have conducted studies on CBD in its pure form to find out. What was released in a 2019 study, which evaluated 72 adults with anxiety and sleep problems, found that CBD doses ranging between 25 milligrams and 75 milligrams improved sleep in 66.7% of the participants. Scientists deduce that CBD alone is not a sleep aid but may ease underlying conditions such as anxiety, mood disorders, and chronic pain that usually is accompanied, so one can relax and sleep on your own better.

How Much CBD Should you Take?

So, how much CBD should you take for sleep? Well, there is no actual set dosage. Most doctors suggest starting small and working your way up. Start with 25mg one hour before bed. Increase dosage as needed after. There is also a question about what form. CBD comes in tinctures and gummies, and you can even smoke it using dried-up crushed CBD flowers.


While the verdict is still inconclusive on whether CBD helps as a sleep aid, the best way to find out is to try it yourself. CBD is often paired with cbc products, which are known to have pain, inflammation, and mood disorder benefits. Again, showing CBD acts more as a sleep improver than an actual sleep aider.