4 Fun Projects to Make Your Home Even Better

January 13, 2022
By Jesse Armstrong
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Whether you’re staying in furnished short term rentals or are getting started in your first home, there are countless ways to add fun and excitement to any space. Looking for something new to spruce up the place? Here are 4 projects to get you started.

Use a Fun Accent Wall

An accent wall is a fantastic way to add a pop of color and intrigue to any room, but this effect tends to play out very well in bedrooms and living areas. All you need is some paint or temporary wallpaper — pick a single wall and give it a fresh coat! If you’re unable or don’t feel comfortable using either of these methods, you can achieve an equally interesting effect by loading up a single wall with artwork, photos and other cool knick knacks while keeping the others mostly bare.

Make Over Your Bathroom

Your bathroom deserves a major overhaul, and this is fairly achievable with a few simple changes. Adding a curved shower rod and a split shower curtain (preferable pulled back and tied on either side, window-style) introduces a level of elegance to the room, and a framed mirror helps pull this lovely aesthetic together. For a bit of coordination, try using decorative towels that coordinate with the shower curtains and/some plush bath rugs!

Give the Kitchen Some Love

Upgrading your kitchen is easy with some fresh colors, storage changes and of course, plants. You can spring for a potted herb garden or stick to the basics and use decorate fake flowers; either way, the kitchen takes on a bit of new life. Painting or touching up your cabinets with contact paper can change the look of the whole space, and decorative jars on the counter are a fun way to display your utensils and ingredients.

Try Creating a Home Theater Space

Ready to get a little crazy with a home theater? All you need is a dedicated wall for your TV or projector/screen setup, blackout curtains and cozy seating! Of course, you can maximize theater immersion with a high-quality sound system or soundbar, and framed movie posters of your favorite flicks add a little bit of quirk to the theater. A mini bar complete with a novelty popcorn machine is the icing on the cake!

No matter where you live, you deserve a space that’s comfortable, expressive and fun to be in. Try some of these projects today!